Lotto from the New York Lottery thinks you'd make a way better rich person. And we found just the right quirky rich people to prove it. 

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In addition to TV, OOH, and print, we created a hardcover field guide of Rich People That You Would Be Better Than if You Were Rich. Similar to a bird book, this guidebook helps you spot all the different rich New Yorkers you may come across in this great state. From the Celebrity Trainer to Celebrities to the Grown-Up Child Star, we covered them all. 

We even made a quiz that told you which specific rich person you would be better than if you were rich. The math behind it was very difficult for me to comprehend.

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The Very Large Team
Zoe Kessler, Jillian Goger, Matt Swinburne, Mat Bisher, Grant Smith, Chauncey Hollingsworth, Raphael Milczarek, Stephen Icardi