Nobody likes to hear a brand talk about how great it is. So we got Emerald Nuts to shut up, and let their customers do the talking. To pull it off, we worked with a bunch of incredible artists to transform real Amazon customer reviews into some really weird content.

Review: Very addicting stuff! Like something illegal for sure but not. 

Artist: Jack & Justin at Gifted Youth

Review: I'm in love with your nuts!!!!! Wait, that doesn't sound right....oh well, I'm sure you know what I mean! Your products are AMAZING! My #1 favorite are the Salt & Pepper Cashews. Perfectly seasoned and the taste? Delish!!!! Thank you :)

Artist: Reed and Rader

Review: Wonderful taste! Have converted many people!!

Artist: James Kerr

Review: All YOUR products all exceptionally good.

Artist: Michael Illick @ Dummy Films

Review: Seriously tasty.

Artist: Georgia

Review: I love this product and eat three packs everyday.

Artist: Robin Eisenberg

Review: Bought these for my dad as a stocking stuffer. He loves cashews and the spicier the better. He loved these highly recommended for any spice lover!

Artist: Cari Vander Yacht

Review: taste the dill good loved it.

Artist: The Teetones

Review: Husband loved the flavor! Ate the whole bag in a one sitting!

Artist: Kelsey Dake